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Today, “data” is a business resource, just like labor, equipment, and capital. Virtually every business has become “data intensive,” and for many businesses, their data holds significant economic value to them, their employees, and their competitors. Certain  types of data are subject to federal and state regulatory requirements involving its storage, use, and unauthorized disclosure. That data, and the systems that process and store it, are subject to a wide variety of threats from both internal and external sources.

Vandeventer Black assists businesses with:

  • Developing plans and policies for data security, data privacy, and the use of company systems.
  • Responding to incidents of unauthorized use and disclosure of proprietary data.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements concerning data security and breaches in data security.
  • Managing the consequences of unauthorized intrusions into company systems, unauthorized access to, and unauthorized disclosure of company information.
  • Interfacing with insurers who provide first-party and/or third-party cyber liability cover-age for Vandeventer Black’s business clients.

Our cybersecurity and data privacy team has experience with investigations and claims, pursuant to the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) and the Virginia Computer Crimes Act, of unauthorized access to proprietary business data and systems. We help clients comply with state-mandated data breach notification requirements across the country. We assist clients with compliance and data breach investigations under HIPAA, and other laws concerning data privacy.

Vandeventer Black is available to help companies develop procedures to minimize cybersecurity incidents, and address incidents that occur, including crisis management planning and reaction. When necessary, we provide counsel to both pursue responsible persons and defend against resulting incident claims.

Our attorneys advise companies across a broad range of industries on state, federal, and international laws. In addition to helping clients decipher and address constantly evolving  privacy laws generally, we also advise clients on privacy and security implications  associated with such matters as mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing arrangements,  government contracting, and other transactions.

We focus on helping our clients develop actionable solutions before and after problems arise. Cyberattacks and security breaches can occur despite intensive efforts to avoid them. When they do occur, companies need a coordinated and effective response. Our experience in multi-disciplinary crisis management allows us to advise our clients on handling emergent situations, in order to position them to move past incidents as efficiently  as possible, with minimal impact to processes and operations.

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